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About Us
Anna Maria Therese Morelli

Anna Morelli is a homeschooled Catholic artist who is passionate about her faith. Her faith and love of Saint Therese made Therese the frequent subject of her drawings. However, she became frustrated at the numerous portrayals of her Saint and others as brooding, melancholic individuals. When she began to portray them as smiling and joyful, she could have never imagined the outpouring of support! Now, she LOVES to draw the saints as they truly were: alive, vibrant, and deeply in love with God!

She lives with her family in South Dakota and loves to create her Happy Saints, try out new art techniques, sing, and bake (to relieve stress :) Though she has never graduated from college, Anna has learned a lot of her craft from her father (who is himself an artist) and from taking online courses.

She has created custom commissions for people all over the world and has shipped her artwork to multiple continents.

Anna is currently working on illustrating three upcoming children's books!


Clare Marie Agnes Morelli

Clare Morelli is the "manager"of Happy Saint Art and is Anna's sister.

She answers most of the messages and LOVES to use her graphic design skills to create new products using Anna's Happy Saints! In her spare time, Clare loves to sing, listen to opera (or any beautiful music), sew her clothes,  and crochet dolls. 

Anna and Clare like to work as a team with the design, production, packing, and shipping of all the Happy Saint products.

Together, these two make up the whole "Happy Saint Crew"!

The true way to advance in holy virtues, is to persevere in a holy cheerfulness.

Saint Philip Neri

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