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Happy Saint Art
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Re-imagining Saints

through JOYFUL Catholic art

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Why Happy Saints?

 Do you find yourself trying to picture a Saint as a normal person? Do the sad and restrained pictures of Saints leave you feeling that you should be banishing all joy from your life in order to reach heaven? Do you struggle to see them as how Christ says his Saints should be?

I couldn't! That is why I created "Happy Saints,"!

With the Happy Saints, I endeavor to show people that striving for Heaven is not all gloom, doom, and frowns - it is an exciting adventure, which ALL the Saints partook of with enthusiasm in their actions and smiles on their faces! In the words of the author, Frank Sheed, "Saints are not Sad!"

To aid in reconstructing a Saint, all the Happy Saints are throughly researched so their clothing, symbols, hobbies (yes, Saints had hobbies too!), physical appearance, hairstyles, skin colors, and even personalities are as accurate as possible so the soul of the Saint can shine through!

So are you ready to reimagine the Saints? Well then, it's time to reimagine them as HAPPY SAINTS!

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Happy Saints

8"x10"and 5"x7" sizes

With or without Saint name

Tiny Happy Saints

5"x7" size

Perfect for nurseries or playrooms

Happy Saint Gifts

Shirts, mugs, Holy Cards, and more!

Everything made here in the U.S.A!

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From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, good Lord, deliver us!

Saint Teresa of Avila

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